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Hey Everyone!

Suffice it to say, but by now you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been in school for a few days, with just a few brief moments here and there.  Let me put one rumor to rest- I’m still your teacher. I DID NOT QUIT.  I WAS NOT FIRED.

If you saw me on last Friday, you know that I’ve been sick for a few days, and I’ve been getting treated since last Monday.  Unfortunately the treatments have not gone as well as the doctors hoped for, and because of the severity of the case, I am undergoing treatments for the next week and probably into Spring Break (NOT how I wanted to spend my vacation).  This means that the next time I’ll likely see you is after Break ends on April 21, 2014.

US History- Your Civil War Projects- If you would like to convert your presentations into an essay, you can turn it in to me via email. (  If it is turned in before break, it’ll be just an essay.  If it is turned in after break, it will be a presentation when we get back.  Also, we will be finishing Glory soon, too, for those of you who were really into the movie… I heard all of your reactions, I know that some of you were paying attention and not nodding off ;-)

Reading- You guys are working on your autobiographical Soundtrack of Your Life projects.  Don’t rush them, and put forth some real effort into them.  Years from now, if you hold on to it, you’ll look back on these and be nostalgic about it.  If you have any questions, email me.

Civics- You guys have it tough.  You’ll be doing some readings and writing some position papers.  DON’T just give me your opinions- use FACTS from the readings- quote them, give me page numbers, etc. but don’t just give me an opinion without facts.  I’m looking forward to reading these- we have great discussions in class, and it pains me that we can’t have an active discussion while I’m out.

I trust that you guys will be treating the substitutes with respect, and will get your work done.  As hard and long and annoying as our classes can get, I miss you guys and can’t wait to get back to making goofy faces at you all.

-Mr. O

(email/comments encouraged- I’m stuck will little to no contact with anyone all day.  Heck, say a prayer if you’re so inclined… couldn’t hurt, right? :D )

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Q3 Reading Project

Book Jacket

For the book you are reading for your independent reading assignments, you are to make an all new book jacket for the novel. There will be 4 sides which need to be created-

1) Front Cover: Design a cover for your book jacket. Include the title, author’s name, a creative illustration that connects to the novel, and your name as well.

2) Back Cover: On the top half of panel 2, write a paragraph that highlights the most exciting part of the book. This paragraph should make the reader want to read the book. On the bottom half, write a one-paragraph review of the book. This should contain your opinion of what you liked and disliked about the book.

3) Inside Front Cover: Author notes- write a short biography about the author of your book- interests, hobbies, qualifications, other books, etc.

4) Inside Back Cover: Teaser, then Summary- Tell the reader a little about the story without spoiling the ending. The purpose is to get the person to read the book, not complete it for them. After you complete your teaser, finish up the summary by spoiling the ending in a paragraph after the teaser.

**Don’t forget to design the spine!

This will be due on Thursday March 27, 2014 for 3rd period/Friday March 28, 2014 for 4th Period

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Thursday in Computer Lab


1) Complete the reading:

2) Complete the 2 part question in the Google Form (paragraph length, 5 sent. minimum): How did the people of Brownsville, Texas use the power of the vote to make a change?  Do you think this is possible here in Chicago? Google Form

3) Watch: Rock The Vote’s History of Votingthen complete the Suffrage Timeline in your Workbook

4)  Respond on the next Google Form about your views on voting.  Google Form

5) When you finish, read up on your next class project: img001 Voter Education Guide

6) Look into the elections happening for Illinois- Governor/Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and your state senator and representative.  Extra Credit to anyone that can find the incumbent position holders!

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US HISTORY- Project: Reform Movements

In the last two projects we have covered the struggles of the new nation, then the expansion of the US.  Next, since all expansions have its growing pains, we are covering how the American People led movements to change and reform the US for the better.

Our 4 constants must be included in the presentations:

1) A Bell Ringer/Do Now, 2) An explanation of the topic (questions and topics to follow), 3) An Activity or Assignment for the class to do, and 4) a visual- don’t just use google and post it on the board.

The 3 questions must be addressed in your presentations:

1) What were conditions like that caused the desire for change and reform?

2)  What changes were made?

3) What are the implications of these changes today?

**In addition, you will need to profile a significant person who contributed to the movement.

The topics and suggested biography (you may choose someone else) are the following:

Abolition- WEB DuBois

Womens’ Rights- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Public School- Horace Mann

Mentally Ill/Prisoners- Dorothea Dix

Temperance- Neal Dow

Second Great Awakening (Religion)- Charles Finney

GLBT Rights- Harvey Milk

Progressive Movement- Theodore Roosevelt

Environment- John Ruskin

Child Labor- Frances Perkins

Labor- Samuel Gompers

Immigration- Emma Lazarus


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